bridal trainers

Whatever you want to call them, bridal trainers, sneakers, high tops…our perfect trio of super comfy, super pretty and ultra wearable bridal footwear is here! Choose from our sheer floral sneakers, high tops or ivory pearl trainers. They are designed with comfort in mind and can be worn for the evening of your wedding or indeed for the entire day! They have a one inch flatform that gives a nice little lift and the inner soul is so comfortable and long lasting. Our sheer trainers are a lot more feminine than a standard solid ‘converse’ or simple pair of sneakers and they look fantastic with plain or lace wedding dresses.

Pretty wedding trainers and bridal shoes Surrey, london UK


The ultimate bridal high top! Ankle support, ultra comfortable and super feminine with a sheer and floral twist. The sheer fabric is super feminine and the extra height you get from the soul makes transition from heel to flat less dramatic. Shipping included.


pretty wedding trainers with lace surrey, london UK


Super chic, comfortable and absolutely ideal to wear all day long, Cody has arrived! Organza laces are super playful and feminine and the sheer fabric of this bridal trainer is so much softer and prettier than your standard footwear. Shipping included.



Perfectly pearly and ideal to dance the night away, Ezra the bridal trainer is a pearl lovers dream! Add a modern twist to your bridal look with these awesome flats with a good flatform soul to make the transition from heel to flat less dramatic. Shipping included.