frequently asked questions

I am so scared nothing will fit me. Are the dresses actually plus size as I’ve had some bad experiences at other shops who advertise plus size dresses but only stock up to a size 18?

There really is nothing to worry about! We have over 40 incredible plus size dresses sizes UK18-36 and given that most girls try an average of 8-10 dresses during their appointment, you will have plenty of choice!

I’m feeling a little self-conscious about my visit. Will there be other appointments happening at the same time?

Absolutely not! We are a small and private boutique, offering a 1-1 body positive experience in beautiful and comfortable surroundings. We take each appointment at the pace of the bride, the doors are locked to members of the public and every experience is totally individual and unique. We allow you to change in private in our changing rooms and only assist in buttoning you in to dresses when they are up!

You’re in a private estate; how do I get in and where do I park?

Throughout the week, the estate is open from 8am until 6pm and on Saturday’s, all morning. If the gate is shut if you are coming ‘out of hours’, all you need to do is use the intercom to call us and we will open the gates for you. Press CLEAR - 5 - CALL on the intercom and come on through! There is a large visitors car park and most of the time, you can park right outside our boutique, Unit 9.

What is your policy on children?

We do ask that young children (under the age of 8yrs) and babies are looked after at home during bridal appointments. They are long and tiring and not a hugely stimulating environment for little ones. Think of your appointment as ‘brides day out’ - bring your tribe, we’ve got the drinks and let’s have some fun!

What is best to wear to my appointment?

Easy on-easy off footwear is best for everyone as we will ask your group to change into some rather fabulous slippers for your appointment. These keep our floors and dresses clean and make you feel more at home! Nude underwear is always best and VPL for the win! You can wear shapewear too should you so wish but most of our dresses do have the option of corestry beneath so you may find that on the day, it’s uneccessary. My holy grail are ‘Snag Tights’ chub rub shorts in builders tea colour. They are thin, snag resistant and keep my legs from rubbing underneath the layers of fabric!

How many people can I bring with me?

You are allowed to bring up to 4 guests with you. There are no exceptions to this number. If you’d like additional input, we always offer the option of facetime to include any additional parties towards the end of your appointment. If you’re feeling nervous, 1-2 guesta who have your best interests at heart, is usually best.

What is the price range of your dresses?

Our LUSH CURVE ranges from £1600 - £2800 per dress. These prices do not include alterations which are additional and are needed to ensure the dress is tailored to fit your body. If these prices aren’t quite right for you, please don’t hesitate to ask for help in finding other stores that may be better. We are here to help you find THE DRESS and we know that it’s not always going to be at our shop!

How long are the appointments?

Each appointment from first welcome to final goodbye is 1hr45m. This allows for nearly an hour and a half of trying on dresses as well as a break half way through, time to talk about your brief and your vision and in general, just relax and enjoy the experience!

Are we allowed to take pictures?

Absolutely. I always recommend taking a photo in the appointment as a reference for which dress is which. But once you’ve chosen your dress, it’s best to delete the pictures! Brides can get really critical of mobile phone snaps but they really don’t reflect reality. The mirror is your BFF and that’s the only thing that will matter!

Do I need to bring shoes?

All you need to bring is a smile! We have a podium that we use instead of shoes as it’s much easier for your initial appointment. If you’d like to bring shoes back to try on with your dress when it arrives, then by all means do so!

How long will my dress take to order?

Your dress will take anything from 4-7 months to be made and arrive at our boutique. Rush options are available if you’re on a tight deadline but ideally, you’d be placing your order no later than 8 months prior to your wedding. For an enjoyable and relaxed dress ‘journey’, we recommend purchasing your dress 10-12 months in advance. This allows for contingency time lest anything be delayed, time for you to match your shoes and accessories and time for your fittings which will begin a few months prior to your wedding.